Concierge Program Information

Dr. Joanne Feaster will provide the following services for you while you are a member and participant in either the Monthly or Annual Concierge Program.

    • Individualized primary care office visits to treat your acute and chronic health conditions.
    • Minimal waiting time for appointments that complement your busy schedule.
    • Access to Dr. Feaster via phone, fax, text, or secure e-mail.
    • Privacy in communications.
    • Naturopathic lifestyle consultations with the goal of healthy aging and longevity.
    • Coordination with specialists as necessary.
    • Unused half hour monthly visits are cumulative in the Monthly Program only.

Additional Benefits

    • 15% off of Immune Booster injections, IV infusions, other therapeutic injections and supplements
    • One complementary Quarterly nutritional IV (Annual Plan); one complementary nutritional IV at sign up (Monthly Plan)
    • 15% off of one yearly HCG weight loss program, includes hormone and Fat Buster injections
    • Cash lab costs are due at the time of service and paid directly to specific discount labs
    • Value-added services: EKG, one yearly wellness exam, blood pressure monitoring

Call or text Natural Choice Medical Care for more information at 480-619-8662.